Bryden Johnson fully understand that changing accountants can be a major business event. However, now is a great time to look at making such a decision. Our personal and personable approach, and our empathy with all of the ups and downs you will encounter, make us a business partner to value rather than being purely a service provider.

We help you through the process in every way possible, making changing your accountant easy. With decades of experience we have encountered most of the problems that could be thrown in our direction, so we are confident of making the transition smooth and with minimal disruption.

We also offer a range of business support services and run a number of events designed to energise and improve your company's performance. These include our Vision & Values Day which helps companies pin down what's at the core of their business and how to build on it.

Vision and Values Day Testimonial from Jace Training

The Vision and Values Day encourages participants to reach to the core of what motivates them in their business, and use it to enhance their work. JACE Training took part in this session at Farleigh Downs Golf Club in May. Director Stephen Drummond said: “It was a very positive and productive day; a great opportunity to bring the whole team together and for all present to contribute in creating our company vision and values, rather than this being dictated by the management team. The collective approach was very energising.” Gordon Bull oversaw and led the discussions between JACE Training staff.

Stephen added that “Gordon is very experienced at facilitating. He expertly steered us through the process of understanding what really matters to us and thereby arrive at our own values.”

The company arrived at three core values – understanding, innovative, inspirational. “With Gordon’s help, we spent some time debating what lies behind the meaning of these three words and how we convey this to our customers” Stephen went on to say.
Since the coaching session, the company has spent time reinforcing the ideas and discussing the process of embedding them within the company. Stephen concluded:
“In essence, everyone on the day was reconnecting with the reasons why they do what they do; the reasons why they come to work. Creating a shared Vision is the ideal platform from which to communicate with our clients.”

Vision and Values Day Testimonial from Beaufort Consulting

“If you want to take yourself and your clients seriously, you should do this.”
This is the advice  from Robert MacGregor of Beaufort Consulting who took his entire team (including summer interns) to the session. It was conducted as a part of a complete review of the business. This included creating a strategy to restructure and rebrand of part of the business and followed an independently conducted satisfaction survey of clients and staff.

Gordon Bull helped the management and employees explore their present situation and their vision and values –  ultimately reducing these to just three words. There was huge synergy with the client survey, a part of which asked clients to describe Beaufort Consulting in 3 words . The conclusion reached by the clients in conjunction with the outcome of the excellent Vision and Values day was “Professional, Supportive and Clear.”

Following the session, the company will use the outcomes of the day in its new website and marketing materials, as well as informing its approach towards clients and staff.

“It has to be more than a tick-box exercise, it’s about what you do next,” Mr MacGregor said. “We want our staff to actively engage in what we do not just come to work and be told what to do. The feedback from the client survey told us that clients really like what we do but we want to improve even more.”

Joe Arnold of Arnold & Baldwin had this to say about our Breakfast Club

"I have been a member of the Bryden Johnson breakfast club since it started in 2011. At that time I had taken 100% ownership of Arnold & Baldwin and needed support to ensure I was driving the business in the right direction. I have learnt that in order for your business to thrive you must spend more time working on the business, rather than working in the business. Since joining we won the best small business in Croydon, and then South London! We have just been shortlisted best medium sized business as we have grown the business by 1000% in just 3 years. Without the support of Gordon Bull and the Shirlaws frameworks I simply would not have been in a position to have capitalised on so much market share."

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