Tax Consultancy

Following a free exploratory meeting, we review whether your affairs are structured to minimise exposure to all forms of taxation, including Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax, Income Tax, National Insurance Contributions and VAT. We will then suggest the best ways to restructure your affairs to provide maximum tax savings. Once again our cost transparency is vital with our special fixed fee policy. No unquantifiable hourly charges or hidden surprises - just good common sense advice and action.

A Personal Blueprint

Your dedicated senior professional will give you incisive and holistic advice. Your adviser will create a bespoke written report for you, which will be used as a relevant blueprint for future discussions with us and our partners.

Business Succession Planning

We often advise clients how they can minimise tax in situations where it is proposed at some stage to transfer a business to the next generation of the owner’s family; to pass some shares to key employees; to enable a management buy-out by the next tier of management; to sell to a third party; or to float on the Alternative Investment Market or the Stock Exchange.

Personal Wealth Retention

We provide solutions to families and individuals to assist with reducing their tax liabilities, typically on income and on death. We might also advise on particular disposals of assets to reduce Capital Gains Tax. These solutions often involve the use of trusts, a concept which can still be an effective and legal method of mitigating tax charges.

Business Transaction Support

Where you’re planning to sell a business to a third party, initiate a management buy-out or a flotation on the Alternative Investment Market or the Stock Exchange, we can advise you on the optimum deal structure to reduce your tax liabilities. We’ll also consider the commercial and tax effects of any deferred or variable (e.g. earn-out) consideration for the deal. Where you are the purchaser, we will conduct due diligence to confirm precisely what you are buying and to highlight potential liabilities.

Business Wealth Retention

You work hard to earn profits in your business and we offer advice on how it can be structured to minimise the tax you pay and how you can best use those profits. Or, in the unfortunate circumstances of losses, we’ll help you utilise those losses to best effect and maximum tax benefits.

Start Ups – Get Involved

Entrepreneurs have great ideas, but setting up your business support and maximising the potential from great ideas may not be front of mind. Bryden Johnson’s start up support package can take away the stress of statutory and needs to make the right financial start, through to helping you direct your business for better and higher growth  potential. Oh and we may be able to help you negotiate better financial deals from the banking community and the myriad of alternative funders now in the market.