Ensuring all members of your staff are paid on time, whilst complying with HMRC requirements and other legal obligations, is a major and complex task. Our in house fixed fee payroll service takes care of all your problems easily – giving you one less time-intensive compliance issue to worry about.

Specialist Payroll Team

We provide a comprehensive and cost-effective service, processing all of your weekly/monthly payrolls and ensuring that the wages are correct.

Peace of Mind

We process your payroll and related taxes quickly and efficiently. The combination of the skills of our Payroll Specialists and our leading edge technology relieves you from all your payroll worries.

Flexible Service

We can handle every aspect of your payroll activity and have the ability and willingness to change and re-run payrolls mid-month if required. We’ll produce customised, detailed reportsand payslips. Everything is handled quickly and efficiently, from the production of Annual Returns and filing on-line to supplying P45’s, P46’s and P60’s. We will even liaise with the Inland Revenue on your behalf where necessary

Time Savings

The service provides complete freedom from mundane payroll-related tasks. Using your existing data, we process your payroll, prepare and file your tax information providing you with its proven time and cost savings.

Leading Edge Technology

We use the Star Professional software platform, which is Inland Revenue accredited. We are also a BACSTEL-IP user to work for your benefit.

Compliance Protection

Keeping up with PAYE, national insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay and the frequent and complex HR and Payroll Tax law changes is simply a headache. We make certain that your staff are paid on time whilst complying with Inland Revenue requirements and other legal obligations.