Bryden Johnson have been working with local charity, CAYSH for many years and this has provided our team with a clear and concise understanding of the challenging needs of not-for-profit organisations.  In the current climate charities are clearly under ongoing pressures to keep pace with demands for transparency, governance and accountability and we are delighted to be able to continue providing accounting support.

Whilst CAYSH are a charity, they have realised the importance in having the capacity to run as a small business in order to maximise the positive impact they have on the lives of vulnerable young people.

CAYSH provide:

- a free drop in service for 16-21s providing general advice on just about anything, and specialist advice to those facing homelessness.
- a housing pathway, with varying types of accommodation to meet the needs of young people recently made homeless or those nearing complete independence
- a lodging service providing a room in a family home with support provided by householders
- a concierge service that protects the interests of residents in supporting accommodation (not just CAYSH accommodation) which is a Community Interest Company in its own right

The dedication and skills of CAYSH staff and volunteers means that they are able to help and support some of the most disaffected and challenged young homeless people.

The CAYSH AGM took place yesterday evening and a copy of their report is available on request.  The charity is always open to donations and support from additional volunteers and Trustees.